Thursday, January 24, 2013

Readers Write: Looking for new stories of Inspiration

When I started The Writer's Wellspring in 2011, my hope was to create a place where writers could come to find inspiration rather than tips on how to write. As I've said in previous posts, I've met that goal on some weeks, and others I've been far off the mark.

One vision I've never seen realized in this blog is an open dialog between me and those who visit this page.

Each time I sit down to write a new post I ask myself, "What can I say that will encourage or inspire someone else today?" This week, I came up with a blank and I believe that the problem lies in the fact that I've never really asked you what inspires you as a writer.

Some find motivation in nature, like me, others in music. Some look to their friends and family. Others discover it in the midst an experience. But those are all vague topics.

Topics don't inspire people, stories do. And I'd love to hear yours. More than that, I'd love to share your stories with other writers.

So with that said, or rather, written, I'd like to open up The Writer's Wellspring to you, my friends, to share your stories.

If you have something you've been wanting to share about your writing life but haven't been sure where or how, this is the time and place.

Your inspirational stories should be no more than 500 words, true, and appropriate for all audiences. I can't offer payment, but you can add the title of guest blogger to your writer's resume. And you keep all right to your piece.

When submitting, don't forget to send an author pic and bio that includes a link to your own blog or website (if you have one) so that others can get to know you, too!

I can be reached at I can't wait to hear about your adventures!


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