Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Ways to enjoy the (Writer's) view this Week

While looking for an inspirational picture a few months back, I stumbled across an image of a girl rock climbing. I was instantly attracted to the colors and the feeling of accomplishment that the photograph captured, so I paid for a legitimate copy and made it my desktop for several months.

Though there are no words, I learned three lessons about writing while staring into the bright orange glow of the summer sunset:

1. Writing is a Journey.

You can't call yourself a rock climber if you only think about being one. The same is true of writing. Don't think one day you'll be a writer. Pick up your notebook and be one today. Start small, and work your way up to the harder, higher peaks as you gain confidence and experience.

2. Avoid Rock Wall Vision!

Writer's have a bad habit of getting so engrossed in a single project that we forget to look around. When we do, it's like keeping our nose pressed into the rock wall — we see only the work and forget the beauty around us. Be sure to enjoy creation while you create!

3. Enjoy the Results of your Labor.

Writing (like rock climbing) is exhausting. It requires focus, strength of character, and drive. Finishing a project is a lot like reaching the mountain peak — one of the greatest feelings is being able to look back from finish to start and say, "I accomplished that!"

These three lessons now help get me started each day because they, like the picture, remind me I'm doing something I love. Something that, though always challenging, is ultimately worthwhile.

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