Thursday, May 19, 2011

When it pays to listen the fuzzy little voice

I actually had today’s post written up several days in advance. It was about a revelation that came while re-working a scene with a Secondary Character that was falling horribly flat. I am very proud of the piece and was looking forward to posting it here all week, but then this morning I had the hair-brained idea to submit it to the Christian Writers Guild. They’ve used a few of my other pieces in the past and had asked me to continue submitting whenever I had something.

As is normal, I was a little hesitant about hitting the button that would transmit my query, so I closed my eyes, whispered a quick prayer, and let go of the mouse button. With an electronic “Twoosh” my pitch was gone and I expected I’d be waiting a day or so to hear back. In the meantime I wondered, What am I going to post today?

Well, my inbox just dinged at me letting me know I had a new message. It was a response thanking me for my submission and telling me they’d let me know when it was posted. 

Lesson learned: Sometimes it pays to listen to that fuzzy little voice that tells you to just go for it. In this case, if they hadn’t accepted my post it simply meant I had an extra piece to use here. So there was no way I could really lose. Now to get back to work on that book of mine so I can send out a query for it....


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